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NEWEST Citizens First Fire Training-vFTM


I have been teaching forcible entry across the country for many years and a student of craft for seventeen. I have owned other doors and none have compared to the performance and realism of the Alpha door. It is by far the most realistic door on the market and is a total game changer in the forcible entry community. Not only does it give you the benefits of teaching so many disciplines with one door it behaves and flexes like a real door forcing you to capture your progress or loose it. This drives in critical thinking and consistent tool discipline for students to make them a formidable force on the fire ground. I will be buying a second one immediately.

Chris Kessinger
Owner / Lead Instructor 
Citizens First Fire Training

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National Rescue Consultants believes in giving the students the most realistic training possible. When NRC host classes and forcible  entry  props  are needed we only turn to Forge Fire and Company. With over 16 years of Firefighter, SWAT, Military training events the best forcible door prop we have ever used was Forge Fire and Company's  Alpha Door. The Alpha door gives the students the most realistic and challenging forcible entry prop we have ever used. Todd and crew give the best customer service in the industry. Do yourself a favor and get a Alpha Door.
-Train To Live!


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