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Todd is co-owner of Forge Fire and Company. A firm that specializes in building custom fire training simulators as well as hands on fire training. Forge Fire and Company provides over 140 years of firefighting experience between 5 instructors! Todd is designer/fabricator of Forge Fire and Company Forcible Entry Simulators. Todd serves as lead instructor for many of FFI's training classes including forcible entry, flammable liquids & ARFF.
Currently a career firefighter in suburban Central Ohio city for nearly two decades. Holding certifications as a State of Ohio Fire Instructor/NFPA 1403 Instructor as well as being a member of the (COST/USAR) Central Ohio Strike Team/ Urban Search & Rescue.


JD (Jack) Vasbinder is a decorated 17 year veteran of the Fire service,  JD currently serves a large municipal department and is assigned to the In Charge position on a heavy rescue.  JD has particular expertise in RIT/FF Survival and Vehicle and Machinery Rescue as well as general fire ground operations and technical rescue operations.  JD is a dedicated educator and instructs personnel ranging from recruits to advanced rescue technicians.  He currently instructs for the OFA, CSU, BGSU, Howell Rescue, and Rescue Methods,     

  • Firefighter II, Fire Instructor II, Certified Rescue Specialist, HazMat Tech, EMT P,

  • DLA Director’s Coin for Life Safety, Joint Meritorious Unit Award for humanitarian assistance ops and disaster relief



Captain Greg Lash has recently retired after serving a large municipal Fire department for almost 40 years.  During his illustrious career, he spent the majority of his time as an officer assigned to Rescue 2 and Ladder 1, and assigned to the Training Academy as a rescue training specialist, a fire grounds instructor, and an officer development and tactics instructor . Captain Lash is a driving force within the training community as a recognized expert in high rise ops, aerial ops, and general truck operations. He is also a revered provider of leadership training from tactics to character development.  Captain Lash is a mentor, instructor, and beloved example to the Fire Service and particularly Forge Fire and Company.  The awards, citations, and accomplishment of Captain Lash's career cannot be accurately described in this bio but here is a sample.

  • Division Safety Officer, Rescue Training Specialist, Aerial Operations subject matter expert.

  • Authored Division Rescue Operations manual

  • BS - Education

  • CISD Team Member

  • Instructor - BGSU, CSU, RM, CFD

  • 3 Battalion Chief Commendations, 2 Distinguished Service Awards, 2 Fire Service Awards of Merit, Badge of Honor Award   


​Chad has over 20 yrs of experience serving with the City of Westerville FD. He is a great asset to Forge Fire and Company having extensive discipline in Forcible Entry as well as strengths in Rescue and Fire Attack. Also, Chad is a long standing member of the COST/USAR Team and an NFPA 1403 instructor. Chad currently instructs for Forge Fire and Company, Columbus State College and BGSU.



Jeff Stiver has over 22 yrs of experience serving the last 19 and counting with the City of Westerville FD. Jeff is an extremely well rounded firefighter holding strengths in all Rescue diciplines, Forcible Entry and Fire Attack. Jeff's no nonsense down and dirty approach to fire training makes him a great asset. He is a long standing member of the COST/USAR Team as well as teaching with FFI for last 5 yrs.

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